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Five Domains of a PBOK

Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.
Martin H. Fischer

Your personal book of knowledge contains all the knowledge and wisdom you possess.

The knowledge can be categorized into five domains.

Life Experiences is your diary, it contains what you have experienced along with reflections you have about those experiences. Over time your life experiences become your biography.

Life Design is the plan you have for your life. It includes your vision, your goals, your value, your beliefs. It is the blueprint from which you create your life.

Life Knowledge is what you have learned from consuming knowledge as well as from your own experiences. It is the knowledge that is relevant to you, that you use to create value.

Life Projects are all the different undertakings you participate in. These range from large projects such as your work and career, to smaller projects such as planning a vacation.

Life planner captures what you plan to do, what you have done, and a review of how well you are doing. Any many ways the life planner domain overlaps with life design, and life projects.

All of the five domains overlap to an extent. This blog you are reading falls into Life Projects, Life Knowledge, and even a little into Life Experience (with the monthly reviews). Keeping those connections is important even if the pieces are in different domains.

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