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Find Like Minded and Like Motivated

Surround yourself with a bunch of like-minded people, and you'll soak up their habits like a starved sponge. Fat people with fat friends care less about their weight.
Vir Das

Part of finding your tribe is finding people who think like you and people who want the same type of life as you.

If people in your life think differently than you, some of your energy is used up reconciling your thinking with their thinking.

If you have an abundant mindset and they have a scarcity mindset, energy is going to be used in trying to reconcile mindsets in different situations.

If you think according to first principles and they base their thinking on other people’s interpretations, energy is going to be used in reconciling your thinking.

When you are making decisions with others, if your thinking doesn’t match then your criteria for making decisions won’t match.

It is similar with life goals. If your goal is a balanced fulfilled life, and their goal is to get rich there will be a disconnect.

This still leaves room for growth.

You can think in a similar way to someone who has a greater understanding of a domain than you do.

You can have similar goals to someone who has achieved those goals.

Seek alignment first, and then mentors who are further down the path.

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