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Design Strategic Objectives

If you don't build your dreams, regret will build your nightmares.
Matshona Dhliwayo

There is more to objectives than just achieving a goal.

Once you have determined the objectives required to reach all of your goals be strategic about those objectives.

Design your objectives where you keep the result of the objective even if the objective doesn’t get you closer to your goal.

Design your objectives so that objectives are achieving more than one goal. An objective that requires more effort, but gets you closer to more than one goal is oftentimes worth the extra effort.

Design your objectives so they fit with your values. Doing the work required for an objective is easier if it aligns with what you value in life.

Design your objectives so the accomplishment of those objectives builds momentum. It is better to have objectives that create partial usable solutions rather than having to wait until all the objectives have been complete.

Design objectives to have clear metrics that show progress to completing the objective. Knowing you are getting close to achieving an objective will be motivating.

Design objectives so that they can be achieved in a time period of less than a quarter. Achieving objectives within a quarter builds momentum for the quarter which builds momentum for the year.

Design objectives so that there are outside forces pushing you to complete the objective. Even the simple practice of telling an accountability partner what your objectives are will help you to achieve them.

Design objectives so that it is very clear exactly when you achieve the objective.

Your objectives are the basis for your life plan. The more strategic you are with your objectives the better your life plan is.

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