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Create Energy with Your Current State

When you have a strong support system, you have the freedom to express yourself in whatever capacity you can.
Shweta Menon

The biggest asset you have for creating the energy and drive to pursue your dreams is your current state.

When you look at your current state with this perspective it allows you to architect your current state to be more effective. You want to create a current state that supports your pursuit, allows you to rejuvenate, and is fulfilling in itself.

Think of your current state like the Everest base camp. It provides a base of operations where you can prepare for climbing to the peak. It also provides a place to rejuvenate afterward as well as a place to go in the case of emergencies.

You would not want to have a haphazard base camp, you want to put thought into what it needs to provide to support you. It is the same with putting together the current state of your life. Start with creating a state the will support and rejuvenate you on your life’s journey.

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