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Business as a Customer Journey

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.
Peter Drucker

The process that starts with a potential customer searching for an outcome

The concept of searching for an outcome is especially prevalent for a psychologist. No one wants counseling, they want the outcome of the counseling,  What they will be or experience after.

The customer journey is for them to get to know you, trust you, trust your expertise, and trust your services will get them the outcome they desire.

This is not their domain. They may not know the services and the techniques.  They may not make the extrapolation to what outcome will be created.

You need to walk them through this process.

The best way is through a story.  These don’t need to be the full stories with characters and a plot, just content to take the reader on a short journey from where they are to what you want them to understand about your services.

A typical story will empathize with the reader, build trust in you know where they are, and show them the path to the outcome they want.

Remember they are reading the story so use words they understand.

Recognize how you want them to feel along the journey.  When empathizing you want them to feel their issue is known and you are there with them.

Understand the issue you want them to take a step back and think a little be more objectively and finally, you want them to feel them going through the journey to the outcome so they have confidence that they can get there.

You, your services, and your approach are the scenery along the journey. They are not the journey itself.  You want to point these out along the way, but are secondary to the journey the customer is on.

When the customer can see himself on this journey and the path is in alignment with who they are, they will continue on the journey.

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