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Building an Audience is the New Savings Plan

You should have a strategic asset allocation mix that assumes that you don't know what the future is going to hold.
Ray Dalio

In the connected world, having an audience creates opportunity for sharing your value.

Sharing your value is what is going to make you wealthy.

Putting yourself out there openly and honestly will start that process of building an audience.  By sharing openly and honestly that audience will trust and resonate with you and will be interested in the value you uniquely can create.

Everyone is on a life journey and are looking for knowledge about the next step in their journey.  Each journey is unique.  That uniqueness makes your knowledge valuable.  Someone on a similar journey may need your voice and your way of seeing things to get to the next step of their journey.

In the same way that we invest the money we get from the work we do to compound and make more money in the future.  We should do the same with building an audience.

You have a choice, either work to make money to invest, or work to build an audience that will generate compounded opportunities in the future.

There is a balance between the two.

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