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Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.
Brian Tracy

Yesterday I spoke about assets, the things you have.

Today I am I want to talk about what you do.

As a business analyst, I see the value in creating workflows for anything you do of importance.

Having a workflow, which is simply a documented series of steps, allows you to know exactly what you need to do to create an outcome.

Once you have a workflow, the secret is to continually refine how fast you can perform the workflow.  Consistently looking at which parts of the process are slow and finding techniques or assets that will speed up that part, results in being able to produce the outcome faster.

The faster you can produce the outcome the more valuable you become.

Let’s say the outcome you are producing is a widget that you can sell for $50 and it takes you an hour to produce the widget.  That means you are effectively making $50 an hour.  If you find a way to produce that same widget in 30 minutes, that means you can make 2 in an hour, resulting in making $100 an hour.  If you can halve the time again, you are then making $200 an hour.  That is the compound effect of speed.

In what ways can you speed up your workflows?

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