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Build on Everything

It takes a long time to get good at something, so it's important to begin as early as possible so that we can improve and begin to see the compounding benefits of the work over time.
Priscilla Chan

Design your life so that you are building upon outcomes you have created. If you are not building on things, you are creating outcomes that can be created by anyone. By building on top of what you have built before you are creating outcomes that fewer people can create. Since the outcomes are less common, they will be more valuable.

If what you build today is based on what you did yesterday then you are creating a compounding effect.

Journaling and learning can always be compounding. You need to understand math before you do calculus. You need to understand calculus to put a rocket on the moon. Journaling and learning from what you have journaled before will have a compounding effect.

Being the best is simply building on what you have built before until you are at the top and creating outcomes that only you can create.

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