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Efficiency is a great secret that can drop us right into our ideal life path, but it is a hard one to practice and something that takes constant maintenance and work.
Tara Stiles

When you are creating, whether it is writing, landscaping, business, artistic, it is always better to start big and work your way down to the details.

When you are creating, you don’t know what the end product is, that is why it is a creative process. If you know what the end product is it is simply building.

Start with the big brush strokes to capture the big overall design. Each big brushstroke can always be replaced with smaller more detailed strokes.

The same process applies to processes, get the big processes in place and as the big process gets refined, smaller processes will naturally evolve. If you start the smaller processes too soon, you will get bogged down in trying to manage all the changes to the details

Processes that are only done a few times, the big overall process is probably enough. When processes are repeated many times, the details become more valuable. That is where you can start to become more and more efficient.

A task that you do for an hour a day if you can save 5 minutes by having a well-planned process will save you 30 hours a year. Having a process is valuable.

A task that you do once a year for 5 hours that you save an hour on, saves you 1 hour a year. Having a detailed process for this is probably not worth the time.

Always keep the perspective of what you will save compared to the effort required to be more efficient.

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