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AI Makes Us Think

We live in an age of innovation, where digital technology is providing solutions to problems before we've even realized we needed them. We see it every day as we find new ways to travel, eat and shop
David Lidington

People are afraid that artificial intelligence is going to take away our ability to think.

In some cases this is true. The mundane logic-based thinking will become less important as AI can do it better.

The big picture, creative, innovative thinking is going to become much more important. You can’t guide AI unless you have a big-picture understanding of the domain you are in. AI, the large language model, is not perfect and so it requires us to make sure it is making sense. This is no different than having to understand math when using a calculator. If you don’t at least have a rough idea of what the number should be, it is not possible to make sure the calculations are correct.

When using AI within a domain where you have a good understanding and where you have generated a big picture of how the outcome is going to create value is a recipe for success.

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