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AI increases importance of PBOK’s

Deep-learning will transform every single industry. Healthcare and transportation will be transformed by deep-learning. I want to live in an AI-powered society. When anyone goes to see a doctor, I want AI to help that doctor provide higher quality and lower cost medical service. I want every five-year-old to have a personalised tutor.
Andrew Ng

Artificial intelligence is rapidly increasing in functionality and is becoming mainstream.

Once AI becomes mainstream and is used for personal use it is going to need data.

For health, it will need your personal health information. The more information the better it will be at determining how to maximize your health.

It is the same with all your life areas.

This is why a PBOK is so important. If you have your reflections and your experiences journaled over a long period of time, the AI will be able to extract value and insights from the data. The AI will have the ability to combine your personal information with the vast amount of information on the internet.

With a PBOK AI can create answers that are personalized to you.

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