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A View of the Future

Why do platforms fear interoperability? Because then they risk losing you to the competition.
Gyuri Lajos

I see the potential for a future where there is an all-in-one app for every niche no matter how small.

For smaller organizations, the number of applications they need to use to run their business is growing every day.  Some applications fit their industry very well and others don’t.  The future I see is one where all the different functions for a business is brought together under one application,

Applications like Zapier that connect applications together are the start of this future.

As more and more companies use applications like Zapier to tie applications together, it is going to force the bigger applications to create functionality for each niche so that it is their applications that the different niches use.  I think that trend will end up having the bigger applications create a set of components that can be tied together. Rather than have a large application with many features that they sell to everyone, they will break that application up into interoperable components.  They will have components for all the different functionality.  These major component platform companies will not sell directly to the business, they will sell to companies that put them together for different niches,

The niche application builders will then put components together from different component platforms to create full-service applications for different niches.  Those niche companies will then have one application that does everything they need.

The platform component companies can focus on the functionality without having to worry about how all the different niches will use the components.

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